Pours for the Course: Five Reasons to Pair your Putt with a Brew

As we all know, golf is an extremely difficult sport so it’s understandable if a player might imbibe a little “swing oil” before – and during – a round.  Having a beer afterward, of course, is always a good way to commiserate, or recall a great shot or two.

Just in case you need more, here are five reasons why you should pair your golf game with a trip to our tap room.

  1. You deserve it! You just hit a little white ball with a club into a small a hole hundreds of yards away and you did that 18 times! You deserve more than a beer. You deserve at least two. 

  2. Appreciate the company of your friends even longer. Our Tap room is a place designed to promote engagement. The communal seating options with close proximity to the brewing process encourages conversation. And if you’ve gotten a bit tired of the people in your foursome, it’s a great place to meet new friends.

  3. Enjoy the view. While you were busy keeping your head down on your drive you may have missed the beautiful landscape. Grab a seat in our taproom overlooking the course and views of the green mountains.

  4. Did you have a bad game? There is a reason why golf is the one sport that ends close to the bar. After a couple rounds with us you will start to ignore the “snowmen” on your scorecard. With at least eight different varieties always on tap, you are sure to find something to help lift your spirits.

  5. Refuel. Our tap room menu offers a little something for everyone and is the ideal way to cure the hunger from a long day out on the course. Enjoy fare from the clubhouse now available in the tap room such as Pulled Pork Tacos and sharable options like classic Bavarian pretzels, you will leave more than satisfied.