Hank’s Inspiration

They say inspiration comes in many forms, and the inspiration behind our brewery is pretty serendipitous. As some of you may know, we were members of a stock investment club (“beer drinking and chicken wing eating club” according to our wives) that was beginning to lose its luster.  At the same time Scotia-Glenville High School was searching for a new principal.  Little did we know how much our next principal would influence and inspire us.

Pete Bednarek, the lucky applicant to emerge as Principal of SGHS, is the co-founder of Wolf Hollow Brewing Company along with Jordan White, located in West Glenville. As Pete was learning the ropes of how to get a craft brewery off the ground we knew it was something we wanted to pursue as well.  What the heck?  We had all that hard-earned stock club money just sitting around doing nothing!  A brewery sounds like a perfect way to spend it!

Pete and Jordan encouraged us to take the leap and start brewing.  We then went back to school ourselves, enrolled in the inaugural craft brewing class at SUNY Schenectady County Community College, and started to brew right here in the basement of the Fairways of Halfmoon. And now look at us! We have a great deal of respect for the whole team at Wolf Hollow, love the vibe of the brewery and of course love their beer!

Wolf Hollow and Hank Hudson are working hard to make the capital district craft beer scene all that it can be. We are currently featuring some Wolf Hollow brews on our guest taps, so make sure to stop in and give their brews a try.