Savor the Spring Flavors

We are just as excited as you are about the snow finally melting off the course and for the temperatures to be heating up after what felt like the longest winter on-record. To help put you in the spring mood and get your spirits up, we’ve put together a list of some of our favorite spring brews that always go well with some sunshine and maybe a round of golf at the Fairways. Grab your sunglasses and get your golf clubs ready because the outdoor season is upon us and we are ready for some warm weather fun!

  • Leggett Lager - this straight forward and enjoyable malt will heighten your spirits and help you unwind after a day in the sun. It’s light and crisp flavor will quench your thirst and make your evening on our patio overlooking the course unforgettable.

  • Inside Job Pils - get this one while it lasts! Made with Pilsen, White Wheat and Aromatic Malts, its light flavor will transport you to a relaxed state of mind- kind of like the one we’re in all summer long!

  • Red, Wheat and Blue - best enjoyed with an orange slice, this American wheat ale is made with Willamette, cascade and lemondrop hops and remind you to take in every ounce of the warm weather and bask in the sun.

  • Wheelhouse Blonde Ale - a brew so light and crisp, we can almost taste the subtle orange undertones now!

  • Man From Nantucket- this New England IPA is made with a variety of hops that keep it light and tasteful, always reminding us of the breezy beaches off of New England’s coast.

If this list hasn’t made your mouth water yet, come by the brewery any Thursday, Friday, Saturday or Sunday and experience these brews for yourself, we’re always adding to menu and look forward to adding more summer flavors soon. Stop in and grab a seat on the porch because the outdoor season is upon us and we are ready!