Guiding A Group Through Great Taste

As teachers, we know that one of the best ways to teach someone something is through hands-on experience. As brewers, we want people to learn our craft and understand the passion we have that goes into creating the perfect tasting beer. With both of these in mind, we are introducing a fun, private event for you and group of your colleagues, friends, family- anyone really, to participate in at Hank Hudson.

Our Beer Dinners begin with you and your group being introduced to the equipment (with a full glass of beer in your hand no doubt.) We’ll tell you about what goes into the beer-making process, and then we open the floor up to your group. If you’ve ever had any questions about making beer, now is the time to ask us! We’ll tell you some funny stories we’ve encountered along the way of becoming craft brewers and tell you about our interesting experiences thus far in the industry.

After you learn a little more about the process, we invite you to continue relaxing and enjoy some dinner expertly paired with some Hank Hudson brews. You’ll feel like a genuine beer connoisseur after learning about the beer making process and have a new understanding for why certain beers pair better with certain foods.

If this sounds like something you and a group of your pals would be excited in doing, we are taking reservations now. For any questions you may have about this or to make your group’s reservation, give us a call at (518) 664-1578.